Voice tasting

This time the tasting will be of a very special kind of music (or “music”), namely voices speaking.

Speech is usually not considered music, unless we mean choral speech, but then it is usually rhythmically notated.

The voices I present for your tasting are not making music. However, they can still be tasted. Let us think of them as wine or perfume, something to be savored.

Hear me, taste me.
Hear me, taste me.

First, the voice of a musician talking about music. Here there’s also some background music, plus the different voice of the radio presenter.

Then an author reading from her book.

Then two samples from audiobooks. Please try to ignore what is being said; just listen and note the voice, what it does to the words, to the meaning, to you. Try to listen to you while listening to the voice…

Sample 1.

Sample 2.

As usual the aim is not to rate, like or dislike, but just to taste. Unavoidably we like certain voices better than others, but here that is only a side effect. Liking is not important; experiencing is.

I will again quote that cigarette taster who put it so well:

“That cinnamon cigarette, I didn´t really like it but it was a great experience.”

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