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This time we will taste two musical pieces, but we will also make things a bit more complex by tasting with two senses.

That is not unusual; I think we almost always taste things with several senses: food with mouth and nose (olfactory sense), music with ears and eyes, people with all senses.

What is more unusual is to separate the senses, the “tastes”, and to know which is which. We will make a small experiment with this today.

As usual I suggest that you disconnect as much as possible from the digital world. Of course you cannot do it totally since you are going to watch music videos on YouTube. On the other hand, you can download them through keepvid.com, for example, and then go totally offline digitally and totally online musically .-)

Please remember that music tasting is no contest, we are not giving grades or likes. We are experiencing music. I mention this because the tendency to grade is so ingrained in our culture, where entertainment often equals contest, that it can take some effort to put it aside.

ornament5bOn today’s menu we have two pieces. This time they are videos, not just sound. Please watch them first before we continue this sensory experiment together.

Since this is YouTube I also need to say: don’t read the comments. Keep it clean, don’t add other people’s experiences and thoughts to YOUR experience.

Here is the first video.

And the second.

Did you watch both? If you closed your eyes, please listen again and this time open your eyes.

And if you did watch both videos, run them again but close your eyes. Only listen this time.

ornament5bDone? If so, you have had two experiences, one only with sound and one with sound + image. There are a number of questions you could ask yourself now.

Video 1: How did the music taste with and without the images?

Video 2: How did the music taste with and without the images?

For both videos: How would you say the IMAGES tasted? (We don’t commonly use the word “tasting” about pictures, but it isn’t that strange. Our eyes are tasting the world constantly, looking away and “spitting out” some things and people, devouring other things and people.)

There is another experiment you could do: Watch both videos again without sound. Just taste the images. And remember not to grade or judge, that is not the aim. Then we will fall into the bottomless and overcrowded well of Popularity Contests. Music tasting is about something else: flying high in clear air.

That’s it for today. I wish all of us awakened senses!

PS: One can of course go further still. If you read some of the YouTube commentaries (I knew you would…) than you also tasted thoughts, which adds one more element to the experience. Thoughts are very often present as an aspect of classical music listening, but here, as I said before, the aim is isolation and concentration. It can be good to know whether we fell for the actual playing/singing, OR the very expensive accompanying video. (Need I say Eurovision Song Contest?)

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