Specimen 1

Here is the first tasting specimen (below).


This is wholly optional, but after having experimented a lot with music tasting, have developed a specific format for it, I would say that it helps to take notes. These are my suggestions:

Listen to the piece more than once.

After the first listen you can involve your mind as well. Not to make this a cerebral exercise (enough of that) but to broaden and open up the experience.

In music tasting we avoid the usual musical questions, such as “Who do you think wrote this?”, “What style is it?”, “When do you think it was written?” etc. Even though it may be hard and unaccustomed I suggest that you put aside all such guessing, such “trying to figure it out”.

This is blind tasting or blind listening, the kind of “blind” that opens up new vistas. Close your eyes, open up everything else.  

But other questions, totally different, can help.

I will soon post my full music tasting chart, but let´s begin with a few simple questions, a bit similar to questions on a wine tasting chart.

  • What color/ colors does this music evoke in you?
  • What scent?
  • Any moving images?
  • A taste in your mouth?

And remember, this is not a question of like or not like. Tasting goes beyond black and white, binary choices.

Specimen 1

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